Keeping things straight – Hair Treatments

After I had my daughter, I noticed a change. Who are we kidding. She has a prominent byline on most changes in my life—physical or otherwise.

This particular change was an unwelcome one. My straight hair became wavy. Not in a sexy siren way. In an unkempt, does-she-bathe way. Hair that air-dried surprisingly to a sleek elegant style now was a frizz-fest.

I bought a flat iron. I don’t even like ironing my clothes. Now I have to iron my hair. Great. This also meant adding an extra 30 minutes to my prep time. So now my days have to be 24.5 hours long.

A friend of mine suggested professional straightening. This, to me, was just a change in location, not a time-saver. Having someone do to you in their salon what you were already doing in your bathroom. Add drive time, and now my days have to be 25.5 hours long.

She meant really straightening. Going above-and-beyond just having someone flat iron your hair for you. Although pricy (the $400 tag is enough to straighten your hair on its own), semi-perm to perm treatments are no-fuss ways to achieve frizz-free locks. Because really, no one likes ironing every day.

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