Keeping The Kids Busy This Summer

By: Celerity Nascent Charter School

5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Busy During This Summer

kids jumping in poolFor kids, the summer months mean lazy days at the beach or pool, and playing with your friends until the sun goes down. Yet parents need to recognize all of the recreational adventures and opportunities available to expand a child’s mind during this downtime. “On summer break, you have to motivate and stimulate your child’s mind and body so they can continue to grow,” explains Vielka McFarlane, a veteran educator and CEO and Founder of Celerity Educational Group. “You have to provide them with choices and opportunities to expand on the classroom knowledge they gained during the year,” she explains. Although she maintains that how you keep a child busy depends on his or her developmental stage and grade level, there are, nevertheless, key activities that will enrich and stimulate any child’s mind.

Build – Have them build a kite, a birdhouse, a boat or even a Lego structure. Building accesses spatial temporal reasoning and improves fine motor skills. More importantly, most kids get absorbed in the process of creation.

Cook – Have kids help in the kitchen or become Chefs for the Day. Cooking utilizes reading skills, math skills and basic judgment. The finished product will produce pride and self-confidence. It also gives the parent a mini-vacation.

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