Katherine Heigl Shares Topless Pregnancy Photo And Details From Son’s Dramatic Birth

We can all relate

Having a baby is a stressful thing for any woman. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or famous or simply a ‘regular’ mom, chilbirth is scary! Katherine Heigl is a veteran mom, but was a rookie pregnant lady when she announced she was pregnant with son Joshua Jr last year.

The mother of two daughters, Nancy, 9, and Adalaide, 5, who she adopted with husband Josh Kelley, is celebrating her son’s first birthday.

While pregnant for the first time, Heigl joked about being an ‘expert’ at pregnancy. At 19 weeks pregnant the now mom of three posted a bump pic to her blog.

“As I write this I am 19 weeks pregnant and now believe myself to be an expert on all things pregnancy,” she wrote on her blog. Therefore, I thought it only right that I share my hard gained wisdom with all of you presently, and planning to be, gestating ladies out there. I’m joking, I basically know nothing, but there are a few things that I have discovered during the last 19 weeks that have vastly improved my pregnancy experience.”

Despite sharing her advice about eating healthy and working out, nothing could prepare the star for her scary birth experiece.

In a sweet throwback pic to celebrate her son’s first birthday, Katherine Heigl proves that no matter how famous or rich you are, childbirth is scary for all moms!

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