Katherine Heigl Posted A Photo And People Quickly Call Out The Safety Concern

Can you spot the hazard?!

It’s true that there is no handbook for parenting. A lot of it is relying on your instincts, figuring out what works best for you and your family, and following the basics of safety protocols. Even with all that, there are so many ways to parent your child that it’s really hard to tell someone in a book format what to do, and to have them follow those guidelines. And that can be stressful at times. How do you know if you’re doing something right — or wrong. One thing you could do, is just share your life online and chances are people will tell you how wrong you’re dong it. Just ask Katherine Heigl.

The 39-year-old actress is a mother to three gorgeous kids: Nancy, Adelaide, and here newest, and first boy, 1-year-old Joshua. She seems to really have a great life — she’s back at work on TV, now part of the show Suits. She has a gorgeous family. And she recently opened up about losing the baby weight after 14 months and feeling good.

katherine heigl
Credit: Instagram / @katherineheigl

We love celebrating moms who feel amazing and love Katherine Heigl. That might be why we’re a little protective that she got jumped on for sharing a photo on social media.

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