Kate Walsh Admits That She Has Early Menopause And Won’t Be Able To Have Kids

Hollywood actress Kate Walsh has it all: a great career, fame, fortune, and beauty. But according to her, she can have the whole world in front of her, but there’s one opportunity that she’ll always miss and that’s having her own kids.

According to Page Six, the Private Practice star admitted that she has been diagnosed with early menopause and won’t be able to have any children.

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The 48-year-old told Maria Menounos on her SiriusXM radio show, “I don’t have children. I’m not going to have kids. I went through early menopause.”

Speaking about how she found out, Kate said, ““It was bleak. But that was a great kind of experience and growth. I’ve always felt I’ve been, at times in my life, indecisive or have hard times making decisions. I go for what I want and I also embrace what’s in front of me.”

She also added that early menopause is becoming more and more common by adding, “It could be a product of our environment. The Pill, we don’t know.”

What’s more, Kate said in an interview back in 2011 that she did plan on having children, but just didn’t want to do it alone.

“I feel like a loser [for not having kids],” she shared. “But I definitely don’t think I want to do it on my own.”

Our hearts are definitely with Kate this morning. Tell us Hot Moms, what have your experiences been with early menopause?

Photo via Instagram/Kate Walsh

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