The ‘I Hate Kate’ Ship Is Sailing Again After Kate Gosselin Posts Throwback Pic Of Daughters

People need to move on

Sometimes I wonder why Kate Gosselin even bothers to post pictures of her kids on social media anymore.

The mom of many, like every other mom in the world, often posts pictures her kids on social media. Kate is very open about sharing her life with her fans and followers. After all, so many of us feel like we’ve watched her children grow up before our eyes. While Kate has many fans on social media, not everyone is so nice when they comment on her family pictures.

I am fully admitting that I have always been on #TeamKate in the war of the Gosselins. I’m still I’m on #TeamKate even though so many choose to criticize her for her parenting. There are a lot of people who really dislike the reality star.

I don’t know how one maintains even a small amount of sanity raising two sets of multiples, so I will always give Kate Gosselin a pass. Many felt she was too controlling with Jon or always seemed to be a bit angry. I always felt that she did everything she could to ensure her kids were taken care of and given as many opportunities as possible. I also think that includes her son Collin and the care he’s been receiving outside the home.

Kate Gosselin is no stranger to criticism with people commenting on everything from her looks to her parenting style to her children’s behavior.

Recently the mom of 8 has been inundated with hateful comments by fans and critics alike, asking where her son Collin is and why she’s still keeping him away from his siblings.

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