Kate Gosselin Getting A New TLC Show To Follow Her Love Life

Is marriage in the future?

It has to be hard to be a mom in the public eye. There is never any right way to do something, it’s always wrong not matter what you choose. And that can be a bigger struggle if you’re a singe mom and hoping or looking for love in your life. There is never a right time and with eyes on you all the time, whether you’re painted as the good mom or the bad mom by the realty TV followers, it’s never accurate. Because you’re in the public eye and people feel like they know who you are, dating has to be hard. And fitting that in when you have 8 kids like Kate Gosselin has to feel impossible at times.

The reality star got divorced 8 years ago and has been doing the single parenting thing since then. As mom to 8 kids, yes 8, it had to have felt nearly impossible to find the time to date. You’ve got that many kids who need to be looked after and that’s hard to find a babysitter, or three. Also, a lot of people for your potential new partner to have to impressed and get to know.

kate gosselin
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Well, now that Kate Gosselin has all teenagers and probably a little more time on her hands, she’s looking to get back into the dating scene… and taking us all along with her.

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