Kate Gosselin Hints That She Might Be Engaged

Hold up: did we miss something here?

Kate Gosselin might be getting married and the strange part is, we haven’t even met her fiancé yet. There’s new speculation that the reality television star might be hiding something from us, and fans want to know what the truth is.

As we all know, Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin had a pretty nasty separation and divorce and have had a rocky relationship ever since then. And with eight kids in the mix, it hasn’t been easy on her. Even though she has full custody of her brood, she and Jon have continued to sling mud at each other both behind closed doors and in the media, too. It hasn’t been a healthy situation, to say the least.

Either way, there’s some big news here and a lot of fans are asking the same questions: is Kate Gosselin hiding some big news? Is there a secret man in her life that we don’t know about? And what does Jon think about this? And why hasn’t Kate said anything to the media? Surely, you’d think that she would want to milk this to the press for all it’s worth. Here’s what we know so far.

Is Kate Gosselin engaged?

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