Kate Gosselin Got A ‘Best Mom’ Award Which Confused A Lot Of People

People are so mean

I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like being a parent and a celebrity at the same time. Parenting is hard. Like you question every decision, even when you know it’s the correct one. Or at the very least the best option at the time. There is not a whole lot of happy or positive feedback. You worry constantly about your kids and the choices you’ve made. So the last thing you need is other people voicing concerns about your parenting. Some celebrities get the hate more than others. For right now, it seems like Kate Gosselin is getting way more than her fair share of hate and criticism.

There is no question that Kate Gosselin’s life as a parent has not really been simple. She had a very difficult pregnancy, after struggling to conceive — both which mess with your head and can make you feel unsure about parenting. Oh, and then she had 6 babies at the same time, while caring for her older twins. EIGHT kids is way more than the typical.

Then she got a TV show, which gives people the idea that they can say whatever they want about the person on the TV. She was criticized for the way she spoke to her then husband. How she was concerned with how the house ran and basically every part of her parenting was picked apart.

Kate Gosselin was criticized from very early on and all that hate has not eased up at all.

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Devan McGuinness

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