Kailyn Lowry Has Changed Baby Lux’s Name Yet Again

The drama's not over yet.

One of the first decisions we have to make as parents is to come up with a name for the baby. It’s not easy and there can be a whole lot of back and forth depending on who is involved. When you have a partner or another person involved in the child’s life, the decision can get complicated. Just ask Kailyn Lowry, who when welcoming her third child, had a large debate and time frame to give her baby a name. It took about two full months after her baby was born to give him a name. It was settled once, or so we thought, and it seems it is changing all over again.

Last month, news reports came out sharing that the Teen Mom 2 star was petitioning to change her baby’s name. Yes, even though it took her so long to give cute little Lux his name, she wanted it switched. And it all had to do with Lux’s dad, Chris Lopez.

According to those reports, the baby’s last name on the legal documents is “Lopez” after his father, Chris, but Kail was looking to change it to her last name, Lowry. Mostly due to custody situation and it didn’t sound like Chris was too involved in Lux’s life.

kailyn lowry
Credit: Instagram / @kaillowry

Now Kailyn hasn’t made any announcement or discussed where the case went after she filed for the name change at a Delaware court. But the star recently shared some new photos of her little dude and the caption has people wondering what happened to the name change petition.

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