Kailyn Lowry & Chelsea Houska Tear Into Producers for Cutting Out Scenes to Stir Up Drama

Chelsea Houska

Credit: Instagram / @chelseahouska

Chelsea took to Twitter to explain one scene on the MTV show after she came off looking like she was upset, when she says the viewers didn’t get the full picture.

On the episode, Houska became upset with her mother for asking her daughter Aubree if she’s excited to officially have Cole DeBoer as her father, who isn’t her bio dad, but Houska’s new husband.

When her mom asked if Aubree calls him “Coley daddy” anymore, Houska fired back, “Mom, please stop talking about it! Are you serious? Do you think you’re being funny?”

Houska felt that she needed to clarify what was going on in that scene after it aired and why she came across so cold.

“Obviously crabby in the scene with my mom BUT they left out the convo before this where she kept talking about Aubs’ dad in front of her,” she tweeted. “Then I just felt like she was pushing the ‘new dad’ stuff and Aubs was uncomfortable.”

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