Justin Timberlake Helped This Fan Announce Her Pregnancy During His Concert

Talk About a Memorable Pregnancy Announcement!

Pregnancy announcements have gotten a little out of control lately. But it’s pretty safe to say that NOTHING will ever top this one. Talk about lucky! One fan was treated to the pregnancy announcement of a lifetime while at a Justin Timberlake concert in Detroit. Darcell Baxtresser was sitting front row (like, REALLY good seats) with her girlfriends, holding up a very special sign. Darcell has been a fan of JT’s forever, so of course she managed to snag amazing seats when her idol came to town! But what she wasn’t planning on was Justin making all of her dreams come true during the show.

It just so happens that Darcell is pregnant. She hadn’t yet told her some of her friends and family the big news, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make the big news ever bigger! During the show, she held up a sign with a little request on it for Justin. I’ve been to plenty of concerts, and held up plenty of signs, and you just sort of accept that the performer probably isn’t going to notice. But in this case, not only did Justin notice, he took it even further, and helped Darcell make the pregnancy announcement of a lifetime.

Justin Timberlake must be in the business of making dreams come true!

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