Justin Theroux Found Notes From Brad Pitt During Jennifer Aniston Marriage

"Miss you already"

Some couples are just supposed to be together, it feels like. Kristen Bell and Dax. Ryan Reynolds and Blake. And for many people, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pit were supposed to be together forever, too. We all know that didn’t happen since they broke up and remarried. Brad married Angelina, then got divorced not too long ago. And Jennifer Aniston remarried Justin Theroux. But those two just announced their separation and it really isn’t that much of a surprise.


Well, basically the whole time Brad and Angelina were together and then during their drawn out divorce, people would bring up Jennifer. The two seemed to always be connected in people minds and that has to have had some effect on Jennifer’s relationship to Justin. Could you imagine hearing about your wife’s ex-husband everywhere and then people chiming in on your relationship as like an after thought?

Has to suck.

And now that Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston have announced that they are getting a divorce, more of that talk is happening again. And more information is being leaked about what might have contributed to their breakup.

And Justin Theroux might have had issue with Brad Pitt during his marriage with Jennifer. 

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