Father And Daughter Charged With Incest After Allegedly Being Caught In Backyard

People saw and called the police.

There are so many families who are broken and stuck in the cycle of abuse. It’s heartbreaking when you think of how many children are left without parents who care for them and are instead stuck in homes that break their spirit and physically harm them. Add in issues with drugs and alcohol and you’ve got a recipe that is harming our children who grow up to be broken adults. It’s a cycle that is never-ending for some people. But, there are some people who make decisions that you’re not really sure why. You can only think that maybe there are abuse issues or addiction problems because it’s hard to understand. That’s kinda what’s going on when I heard the story of Justin Bunn… who was just arrested.

I am sure the neighbors were in for a surprise when they were just going about their business and their eyes stopped on something the could not unsee. it’s easy to see this story as funny or something to laugh at, but I worry for the other person involved…

There aren’t a whole lot of details on why or how or all that. But what we do know is that two people were arrested… after neighbors caught them in the backyard.

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Devan McGuinness

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