Just WOW Them Part I – Wearing Statement Pieces

(This is the first in a five-part series about making a statement in a second.)

Hours getting ready and still looking just OK? No thanks. I like making a fashion statement in two seconds. I just put on a WOW piece.

We all have one statement piece. Or at least one…I actually have so many, I can often hear them arguing in my closet. As long as you know how to wear it, a statement piece is an excellent way to show confidence and fashion-sense.

The main principle behind this entire series on “wow” pieces is KISS (keep it simple, stupid). Follow that rule when determining the rest of what you’re wearing, and you can smooch boring looks goodbye.

A statement fashion piece is the main focus of an outfit. It’s a pop of color. The splash of pattern. The sparkle of tons of…well…sparkles. That je ne sais quoi piece is on stage, so hush the rest of the audience. Two statement pieces talking at the same time…now that’s loud. Nothing you wear with it should take that focus away.

Wearing a “wow” piece

Charles Nolan

My blue pouf boots from Charles Nolan—an amazing find this winter. A seasonal statement piece, they’re perfect with leggings and a simple wrap sweater or tunic; a neutral empire-waist mini dress and tights; or skinny jeans with a plain fitted top. Whenever I ear them, they take center stage, with their over-exaggerated cinching, unique calf tie and bold teal (an unusual splash in a muddy puddle of brown and black boots).

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