Just say no to Akon!

I know there is outrage over Akon’s new video regarding the Buddhist religion, and I am with them, however, I think there is a far bigger problem and that is WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUNG WOMEN? Just as I believe it is a parent’s responsibility to raise boys with chivalry and respect to women, I believe it is a parents responsibility to raise our daughters to have some self respect!  I know our society doesn’t make it any easier, but that is why we need to start young. Teach your daughters about inner beauty. Teach them they are so much more then “Man Candy”. Teach them to stand up for themselves with their brains. Teach them they are the mothers of this planet! It is so incredibly sad to see young women constantly exploited still in the year 2010. When does it stop? We can’t wait for the men to stop it………..WE have to stop it!!!

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