Juliette Lewis & Her New Hair Transformation!

Juliette Lewis and her new hair transformation for her  The Firm, co-starring Josh Lucas.

Before, SplashNews
After, SplashNews

Alizabeth Cochrane of Goodform Salon of Hollywood brought Juliette to life with a fiery transformation from brown to red.

“I changed Juliette’s hair for her new role in the TV series, The Firm. We wanted to pop it as much as possible, inspired byfiery copper redheads. Almost cartoon, but leaving enough depth to be in areal life color.” Says Alizabeth Cochrane.

The series is a sequel to the 1991 best selling John Grisham novel, which was adapted into a cult classicfilm in 1993. Juliette’s new show is set 10 years after the book’s conclusion, and it’s reported that John Grisham oversaw the first couple episodes of filming to ensure he was content with the direction of the show’s development.

Goodform’s varied clientele includes Kim Kardashian, KloeKardashian, Chloe Sevigny, Christina Ricci, Shia LaBeouf, and many more!


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