Julia Stiles Gave Birth And People Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Her Baby’s Name

Is it really ~that~ ridiculous?

Following celebrity pregnancies is fun because new babies are always good news and it’s interesting to see our favorite stars grow into parenthood. It’s sometimes weird to think of these celebrities as real people. I know that sounds weird, but often we get to know them as a character on TV or in a movie and seeing their personal life unfold is a different experience. That’s why one of our favorite movie stars, who we grew up with in those teen movies we loved growing up, has been on our radar. Julia Stiles announced her pregnancy and now she’s shared the news she’s a mom.

Celebrities can’t do anything without people pouring their own opinions on them. Even when it’s something as happy as welcoming a baby to the world. If “fans” aren’t upset over the fact they’re now a parent, or over how many kids they already have, they’re going to find fault and something to whine about. And that’s no different for Julia Stiles’ baby news.

The actress took to her social media to share the news that she and her husband welcomed a baby into the world. The photo was sweet and simple, the caption was pretty much every baby announcement, and the hate rollllled in. Why? Well, to keep in line with other celebrities, Julia Stiles gave her child a name that’s not exactly common.

It’s definitely unique and people had a hard time holding back their feelings about it.

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Devan McGuinness

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