Julia Stiles Uploaded The First Picture Of Her New Baby And She’s Already Being Mommy Shamed

Seriously, already?!

Once you get through the struggles of pregnancy, next thing you have to tackle as a new mom is that postpartum phase. You’re trying to heal from pregnancy, and labor, then you’re navigating the struggles of new parenthood. You’re not feeling like yourself, you’re not sure who this new little person is, and having people around you who have your back is what will help get you through the hardest phases. And that’s, unfortunately, not what Julia Stiles from her fans anyway.

There is a lot to learn when you first become a parent. You have to learn your baby’s cues and what each little cry means. All those gadgets and new baby gear come with big instructional manuals and you have to read through all of those. When it comes to the safety of this small little human, those safety precautions can’t be skimped on. It’s kind of inevitable that a new — or heck even a seasoned — parent will make a mistake here and there. Hopefully nothing too seriously, but it will happen. And that’s kind of what happened to Julia Stiles — because there is a lot to learn.

The star uploaded a photo of her baby — the first one she’s shared — and she was immediately jumped on and shamed.

Because people are jerks and motherhood is hard and hopefully she didn’t take it too much to heart.

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Devan McGuinness

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