This Judge Allows a 5-Year-Old to Choose a Punishment for His Dad Who Broke the Law

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons why I love kids so much is that they are the most honest people on this planet. They tell it like it is. They have no filter and they’re not afraid of the truth. In fact, if more adults acted like kids I’m positive we would live in a much friendlier world.

With that being said, I’m sure I could probably use a good dose of reality from my own two kids from time to time. In fact, I even do. When something doesn’t look good on me, my daughter usually tells me. And if I have mascara running down my face at the pool, my son is the first one to point it out. But could you imagine your children taking things a step further by giving you a punishment for your wrongdoing?

Well that’s exactly what happened when a judge allowed a 5-year-old boy to pick out a punishment for his father after her broke the law.

boy in court
Credit: Facebook/Unilad

It’s not often you hear judges asking for suggestions when it comes to consequences for breaking the law.

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