Joy-Anna Duggar And Her Plans For 2018 Has Everyone Surprised

Is Joy-Anna Duggar the new Josh Duggar of her family?

Joy-Anna Duggar isn’t like the rest of the Duggar family. At least, she’s not like them yet. For the most part, she’s been the quiet Duggar sister. She’s not as pushy to be in the spotlight as her sisters Jill and Jessa are, she’s not as rebellious as Jinger and she’s probably not as committed to her family the way Jana is. That’s because Joy-Anna Duggar really is the “different” Duggar sibling. And here’s why.

Unlike the rest of the Duggar sisters, Joy-Anna is a little more career oriented. She’s not interested in just sitting at home so she can watch her children and be a good wife for her husband. Oh no. She wants to do something different. And dare we even say, big. Joy-Anna’s plans for the future are so huge that we think it might even cause some issues between her and her parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. It’s safe to say that they probably didn’t think their daughter would be going down this route in her life.

As a matter of fact, some people are even calling Joy-Anna Duggar the new Josh Duggar. Yep, you read that correctly. Here’s why.

Here is Joy-Anna Duggar’s plan for 2018.

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