Joy-Anna Duggar Gives Us A Rare Look At Her Baby Bump

She is looking great

The Duggar family are no strangers to criticism. Especially daughter Joy-Anna Duggar. The teen announced her pregnancy a hot second after she and Austin Forsyth married. As a result she seems to be getting a lot more than her fair share of criticism recently.

Fans of the uber large family weren’t surprised to hear Joy-Anna’s pregnancy announcement just a few months after she and Forsyth wed. After all, the family is basically famous because of how many kids they have. They’ve made it no secret that children and having as many as “God” will allow is a big part of their beliefs.

What they were surprised to see was Joy-Anna’s baby bump. From the minute Joy-Anna Duggar announced her pregnancy, the conspiracy theorists were convinced there were some timing issues.

Many assumed that Joy-Anna’s bump was larger than it should be for a woman just three months pregnant. The going theory is that Joy-Anna and now husband Austin may have had premarital sex, resulting in a pregnancy.

Of course this is all theory and speculation. What has been fueling the rumors is Joy-Anna’s lack of presence on social media. In a rare picture, Joy-Anna Duggar is showing off her baby bump on social media.

Naturally critics can’t help but wonder how far along she really is.

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