Jon Gosselin Shares Rare Photo Of Son Collin On His 14th Birthday

Fans Have Been Asking About The Teen Non-Stop

    Jon Gosselin has finally answered the question so many fans and followers of the Gosselin family have wanted to know for years now — where’s Collin? Fans and critics alike have been asking about the MIA sextuplet ever since it was announced by his mother that he had ‘special needs.’

    Kate Gosselin has been criticized endlessly over Collin’s whereabouts. Even her ex-husband Jon Gosselin has openly criticized Kate. Gosselin has claimed in the past that he had no access to Collin. He even claimed he didn’t know where Collin’s school was.

    Kate was recently slammed for posting a picture of five of her sextuplets on Instagram prior to their 14th birthday. The sextuplets turned 14 on May 10th and Kate had been posting different pictures of her children on social media to celebrate, however never Collin. Followers insisted that she was a terrible mother for not having Collin with his siblings.

    Kate and Jon Gosselin haven’t seen eye to eye on any parenting issues for years, and it seems they now have something new to argue about. While Kate has largely kept Collin off her social media platforms for years, Jon just posted a picture with his son.

    We have to wonder what Kate is going to think of this latest post?


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