Jon Gosselin Is Reportedly Heartbroken Over How Kate Treats Their Son With Special Needs

When Kate Gosselin posted an Instagram photo of her sextuplets trick or treating on Halloween many of her followers took it as an opportunity to bash her – yet again. This time it was because one of her six youngest kids was missing. Collin, 13, was not in the picture, which featured his brothers and sisters Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel.

Of course there were multiple questions about the teenager’s whereabouts. But the Kate Plus 8 star has said several times that he has behavioral problems and special needs and is being treated at a live-in facility away from home.

One question that hasn’t been answered and isn’t as frequently asked is, what her ex-husband’s feelings are on the matter. What does Jon Gosselin think about his son living away from home and not included in family events, like birthday celebrations and Halloween? And did he have a part in the decision that led to the teen being sent away? Would he prefer Collin to live with him instead? Did he have to give his consent for his son to be sent away? Basically, what is his role in this whole scenario?

A recent article attempts to answer some of those questions.

Jon Gosselin selfie
Credit: Instagram / @jongosselin1

What does Jon Gosselin reportedly think about his son Collin’s absence?

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