Jon Gosselin Claims He Hasn’t Seen All 8 Of His Kids Together In 3 Years

I used to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 religiously. I loved watching those cute little kids and even enjoyed watching how Jon and Kate managed to weather the storm of having 8 little kids to look after. Of course like everyone else, it also became hard to look away when their relationship began to deteriorate and they divorced, with Kate being painted as a controlling tyrant of a mother and Jon looking like a frat boy who was finally free to live like, well, a frat boy.

The couple have since divorced and even years later aren’t amicable with each other. In fact, in an interview with Steve Harvey that will air on January 25th, Jon tells the tv host that he only speaks to his ex-wife ‘in court.’ He also reveals that it’s been 3 years since he’s seen all 8 of his kids at the same time saying “Most of the time, I get four. I haven’t seen all my kids together in about three years. I only get what I get. Whoever comes down the driveway, that’s who I get.”

Jon also claims that he hasn’t seen one of his sons in about a year and a half, although he fails to mention which son he’s talking about. “I haven’t seen [one of my sons] in a year and a half,” he lamented. “I don’t know why. I can’t talk to him, I have no communication.”




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