Here’s Why ‘JoJo Bows’ Are Being Banned by Schools

My daughter is at the cusp of being a pre-teen and let me tell you, there is not a weekend that doesn’t go by that she doesn’t ask me to take her to Justice. She is obsessed with the store! As crazy, loud, florescent (and even slightly annoying) as the store can be, I still let her look and shop around for small accessories, jewelry and little odds and ends that she loves from the store. Personally, I don’t understand why anyone would want a purple-colored poop emoji pillow but I guess that’s part of the unexplainable pre-teen world right now.

With that being said, I’m pretty surprised that my daughter hasn’t discovered JoJo Bows just yet, although I’m sure it will happen any day now. The JoJo Bows are SO HUGE right now that some schools are even banning them.

JoJo Siwa
Credit: YouTube/JoJo Siwa

Do you think JoJo Bows should be banned from school?

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