Joey Feek Is Under Hospice Care: She is ‘At Peace with Where She is and Where She’s Going’

Joey Feek who is part of the husband and wife country duo Joey & Rory is now on hospice care. The two have a child 20 month old Indiana.

The 40 year old singer, first revealed that she had been battling cervical cancer in June of 2014, had announced she was no longer undergoing treatment to fight the disease just last month.

Rory made the heartbreaking update to his blog, This Life I Live, on Monday, revealing that the cancer is very aggressive and is causing Joey a lot of pain.

"At 4 a.m. on Friday morning we rushed Joey to the hospital in Muncie. Her pain had become too much to bare," a few hours later the doctors told us that the pain was from the cancer tumors continuing to grow and become inflamed and we need to concentrate now on helping her be comfortable.

This was "Not the answer we hoped for ... but the answer He has given us," wrote Feek, who is a devout Christian.

"After a series of different medications that didn’t seem to touch the pain – heavy doses of morphine brought Joey sweet relief, I spent the night in the hospital with her last night. Today we are planning to bring her home."
"The last couple of mornings, I've brought Indiana up here to spend time with her mama, both of their eyes light up the moment they see each other. It's been beautiful."

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