Another Duggar Is Pregnant! Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo Are Expecting Their First Child

This is not a drill

It has been a long time coming and there has been so much chatter and speculation, but this is not a drill. I repeat, it’s not a drill and Jinger Duggar Vuolo is actually pregnant. For real. From their mouths and not just reading into speculation and photos.

The pair have been married now for 14 months and for any typical couple, that’s a pretty low or average time before having kids. But, that timeline in the Duggar family is practically unheard of. Each of Jinger Duggar’s sisters who have been married were almost on their second pregnancy by the time they hit 14 months in. So of course, with Jinger and her husband Jeremy Vuolo doing things on their own timeline, it was strange and confusing for so many people.

There was a lot of talk on whether these two were going to have kids ever. Were they planning to adopt? People wondered if they were having fertility issues. Then there were fans of the show, and specifically fans of Jinger, who just thought she was doing things at her own pace. She didn’t always show the need to follow the Duggar family rules to a tee — and this was probably the case, too.

Well, they have officially announced that yes, they are expecting. We have got all the details and the adorable way they shared the news with their fans.

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