Jinger Duggar May Have Just Dropped a Subtle Pregnancy Hint

If I say to you “Duggar” and ask you what the first thought that came to mind was I have a feeling you’d say something about how many kids there are in that family. It’s one of the most famous larger families, if not thee most famous, and they have made it no secret that children and having as many as “God” will allow is a big part of their beliefs.

This core belief seems to have extended to their own children, the older ones who are old enough now to be married and growing their own families now. Some have two children, one Duggar just had their 5th child, and these pregnancies all seemed to happen quickly after tying the knot. It’s not a surprise it happened that way because obviously it wasn’t going to happen before they got married — that would be a major scandal — and the family has been very outspoken about the negatives of using of birth control, so pregnancy announcements come quick.

And then there’s Jinger Duggar, the 6th Duggar sibling, the 4th to get married. She’s for some reason, always felt like the rebel of the family and she’s doing this whole baby on the way thing in her own way.

Credit: TLC / Julia Myers

People are getting worried and the couple’s latest Instagram shares have sparked a lot of conversation — could it be a subtle pregnancy hint?

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Devan McGuinness

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