Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Under Fire for Putting Kids in Danger

You’d think that with everything the Duggar family went through two years ago, we wouldn’t be hearing about them anymore. In fact, one would assume that yes, their 15 minutes of fame would be up by now. But that’s not the case. The Duggars are still here, they are still posting a dozen photos a day for their fans and yes, they are still making headlines for them, too.

And while there’s no doubt that they have incredibly loyal fans that will stick by their side through all of their ups and downs, there are also plenty of critics out there who have something to say about their lifestyle, parenting skills, and heck even hair and wardrobe. That’s why no one is surprised that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are once again under fire for putting their kids in a dangerous situation in one Facebook photo they uploaded online. Seriously, either the Duggars are very delusional when it comes to the safety and well-being of their multiple kids or some one of might be overreacting here. You’ve got to see this for yourself..

The Duggars
Credit: Facebook/The Duggars

Are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to blame for this photo?

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