Jillian Harris Opens Up About Why She Stopped Breastfeeding

Making the Transition

Jillian Harris
Credit: Instagram/@jillian.harris

And that’s exactly what Jillian did. Instead of taking time away from baby Leo and stressing about breastfeeding, she made life more simple by switching to formula.

So far Jillian has gotten plenty of support from her online community. Some comments have included, “The exact same thing happened to me. As soon as I had to go back to work, my abundant supply dropped and pumping just didn’t give me much. So our baby went to formula and she’s a happy and thriving and well fed little chunk! Fed is best.”

Another person wrote, “It’s so much more difficult to be a mother these days with so many opinions, the public eye, people are not afraid to be extremely critical thanks to social media where they can hid behind anonymity. Unfortunately in this day and age everyone has an opinion about it and some mothers are not as confident in their decision. Hopefully her speaking out might help some others out there struggling with this.”

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