Jill Duggar Scolded For Making Her 3-Year-Old Walk In The Heat For Over An Hour

"You should be horsewhipped for making Israel walk that distance."

It doesn’t matter to some people what the members of the Duggar family do, it will always be wrong. The family is pretty polarizing and people love to share their opinions. And it seems when it comes to this family in particular, there is a large amount of people who keep up to date with them on social media just to make sure they can get their own two cents in. Jill Duggar, who has two children of her own and is married, is one member who gets a lot of hate. It’s kind of easy, her husband seems like a … treat. And they have been pretty vocal about some political and life themes as of late that land them in hot water.

So much that Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard have been kicked off the family TV show Counting On.

jill duggar dillard
Credit: Instagram / @derickdillard

There are some decisions this family makes that warrant some people asking questions. There are times where we all accidentally and without any intent, out our kids in harms way. Whether that be our ignorance not knowing something isn’t smart with kids or just a clash of parenting philosophy.

Jill posted something on her Instagram page and since that’s one of the only ways fans (or people who love to hate) can keep up with this family now that they’re not on reality TV, it’s very watched. And one post the mom of two made had people throwing their comments and opinions and she got scolded.

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