Jill Duggar Slammed And Called A Bad Parent After Photo Of Her Son Surfaces Online

She can't catch a break!

The Duggar family are no strangers to criticism, but daughter Jill Duggar Dillard, who has two young sons with husband Derick Dillard, seems to be getting a lot more than her fair share recently.

In fairness, the majority of the criticism lately has been aimed at Dillard’s husband for his behavior online, but it seems that lately Jill has received a lot, mostly surrounding how she parents her kids.

Derick Dillard recently came under fire after he was fired by the TLC network because of his rather insensitive tweets about fellow TLC and transgender reality television star Jazz Jennings. While Derick may be the one receiving the majority of the criticism lately, that doesn’t mean that Jill is off the hook.

Jill, who is mom to 2-year-old Israel and 4-month-old Samuel seems to be getting called out a lot recently on social media. The entire family, especially Jill and sister Jessa have been openly criticized on social media for so many different things, from how many children they have to whether they allow their kids to ride bikes without helmets to what kind of stuffed animal they let their kids cuddle with, so it’s not surprising that people are picking on every little thing.

Jill Duggar is now being trolled hard after a picture was posted of the family enjoying an extended family dinner with her infant son Samuel appearing to be laying on the floor at her feet. 

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