Derick Dillard’s Photo With Jill Duggar Leaves Fans Worried Over His Mental Health

The Duggar Husband Has Fans Questioning His Mental State After Odd Comments

Oh, my. This is a bit embarrassing, even for a Duggar. Derick Dillard has been known to court controversy and speak his mind, even if it means losing his job and alienating his family. And he’s not exactly what I’d call the sharpest tool in the shed, if you catch my drift. But his comments on a recent picture he posted on Instagram have some fans wondering if maybe Derick is going through some stuff. The picture shows Derick and wife Jill Duggar locking lips on a mountaintop in Colorado. Public display of affection aside, fans were quick to point out some interesting developments with Jill’s appearance. A nose ring? AND highlights?? Plus, you just know she was wearing pants (at least I hope she was!).

But more than Jill’s physical changes, fans were a bit … alarmed by some of Derick’s comments. In a sadly hilarious display of poor education, Derick made some really out-there claims about airplanes and air travel. It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand that planes have to fly higher than mountains, right? Or else they’d be crashing into mountaintops left and right! But that doesn’t seem to occur to Derick.

Maybe going back to school wouldn’t be such a bad idea for the beleaguered Duggar husband…

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