Jill Duggar’s Husband Accused Of Putting Baby Sam In Danger

Not cool, Derick.

Oh another day another Duggar thing for people to hate on. You would think that people would come to realize that anytime someone from this family posts on social media to have their guard up. There is going to be something that someone is gong to get upset about. If it’s not Jill’s shoes, it’s Jinger’s pants. Or Derick is out there saying something completely offensive again. There seems to be a whole lot of haterade being drunken over Jill Duggar’s life right now and it’s interesting. She seems to be angling towards moving away from the spotlight now that she and her husband are no longer scheduled to be on the family show, Counting On.

Parents in general get a lot of push back when they post certain things on social media. Seasoned moms will tell you it’s probably not the best idea to share car photos. Specifically don’t share a photo of your child in their car seat because no matter what, people will point fingers about what’s wrong with it. Same thing seems to go for anyone who has a large following and shares something that they seem to be generally harmless. There are going to be people who say the clothing for your baby isn’t appropriate. Or the floor is too dirty. Or that you’re not paying enough attention.

And people came for Jill Duggar’s husband after he posted a photo of his youngest child, Sam on Instagram.

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Devan McGuinness

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