Jessica Simpson Threw ‘Moana’-Themed Party for Her Son and the Internet Has Something to Say About it

Back when I was a wee little toddler, my parents didn’t throw me any themed birthday parties. I’m sure the only thing I really got was a themed birthday cake and that’s it. And you know what? It was awesome.

These days though, parents love to take their children’s birthday parties up a notch. I don’t remember the last kid birthday party I attended that didn’t have an Elsa, Anna or Spider-man present to sing songs and capture bad guys with. Kids don’t get goody bags, they get goody sacs with incredible toys and don’t get me started on the birthday cakes. Some are so extravagant and detailed, they are just too pretty to eat.

But of course, someone always has something to say about someone else’s birthday party on social media. Critics and trolls will show up to spoil the fun, no matter what you do or say. This time around there were people who had a lot to say about Jessica Simpson’s birthday bash for her son, Ace.

Jessica Simpson
Credit: Instagram/@jessicasimpson

She threw a ‘Moana’ themed-party for the cutie and as you can imagine, the trolls came out in full force.

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