Jessica Simpson’s Makeup-Free Selfie Sparks Plastic Surgery Accusations

The singer shared the picture on instagram

    Good grief, people can be so rude! It seems like once a week we see a story about trolls tearing a celebrity apart in the comments of social media posts. For the life of me, I will never understand why people feel the need to be such jerks to people they don’t know! Maybe they feel like they know these celebrities? If you follow someone, seeing little snapshots of their life everyday can definitely make you think you’re in the inner circle.

    BUT, if that’s the case, then their behavior is even more atrocious! You’re not a jerk to your friends in comment sections. And if you are, then you’re a terrible person. Kind of like all the people who made rude remarks about Jessica Simpson having plastic surgery on her latest IG selfie.

    jessica simpson
    Credit: Instagram / @jessicasimpsonstyle

    Jessica posted a natural, makeup-free selfie from bed the other day. She looks amazing, first of all. Honestly, I would kill to look like that when I woke up in the morning! Some of her fans were showing her lots of love in the comments. But then the trolls started in. Plenty of people made fun of her appearance, criticized her looks, and questioned if she’s had plastic surgery!

    It’s insane how bold people feel from behind their screen.

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