Jessica Simpson Is Creeping People Out With Her Latest Instagram Post

Another day, another controversy

Jessica Simpson is one celebrity in the entertainment world who is very transparent about her life. Unlike other celebrities out there, she seems like a good natured, down to earth Texan gal that tries her best to stay away from drama. She might do things that other people find controversial, but her fans know that most of the time Jessica is only trying to be Jessica.

Plus, there’s no denying that she’s a super successful millionaire with a fashion empire and one of the most adorable families we’ve ever seen. She and her husband Eric Johnson have two cute kids, Maxie and Ace. And from what we can tell, they seem very content with their lives.

But because Jessica is a celebrity, she’s got as many critics as she does fans. And those critics recently had something to say about one of her Instagram photos. I mean, people are seriously creeped out over it. Others are simply confused. And when you see it, you’ll either be creeped out too or you’ll be scratching your head while thinking WTF. But for Jessica Simpson, we are sure that it’s just another day and another controversy in her life. She hasn’t even responded to it yet.

Here’s what happened.

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