Jessica Biel Thought She Was A Failure After Her C-Section

Hear what she has to say

Jessica Biel admits that she felt like a failure after she gave birth to her first son, Silas. Why? Because she had a C-section. Things didn’t go as planned as Jessica hoped, and now she’s opening up about the experience with her fans.

As many people already know, Jessica Biel and her husband Justin Timberlake absolutely love being parents to their adorable tot Silas. They are even thinking about adding another member to their growing family. But according to Jessica, she has her doubts. That’s because she doesn’t want to go through what she dealt with the first time around. She had her self-doubt. She had her fears. And worst of all, she had to deal with her disappointment.

And honestly, we truly don’t blame her. A lot of women have their birthing plans and when things go wrong, it can feel like the entire world is caving in on you. It’s not a pleasant feeling to deal with. Luckily, Jessica Biel is opening up about those feelings while also reassign her fans that it’s still ok. Everyone deals with set backs in the labor and delivery room sometimes. Here’s what she had to say.

Here’s why Jessica Biel thinks she was a failure.

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