Jessa Duggar’s 2-Year-Old Son Called A ‘Brat’ After She Posted A Short Video

People were quick to respond

I think one of the more challenging things about being a reality TV star has to be how people respond to you. You put all your business out there and we know everyone loves to point out the flaws in people. If we all had cameras on us at every second of the day, there would probably be a lot to criticize too. And that’s why when people like Jessa Duggar get called out for things, or her babies called names, it’s frustrating. Because even when there really is nothing to chirp at, people do.

Jessa is one of the quieter of the Duggar family members. She got married, had babies quickly, and neither her nor her husband, Ben Seewald, seem to cause too much of a stir. Really the biggest “scandal” these two have been involved in is when they named their oldest child Spurgeon.

It’s a strange name, sure. Not one I’ve ever heard before. But the level of hate people commented on — for a while — is strange to me, too. I like different names, and Jessa Duggar’s decision to name her boy this isn’t something that’s disastrous — like the baby named Hashtag.

Well, they’re in the news again because people have no tact and called Spurgeon a “brat” for a video his mom posted to Instagram.

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Devan McGuinness

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