Jessa Duggar Is Being Slammed For Her ‘Risky’ Homebirth After Being Rushed To The Hospital


Jessa Duggar’s homebirth last week wasn’t as easy as she hoped it would be. The reality television star reportedly had complications following the birth of her son as many sources say she was rushed to the hospital after her mother Michelle Duggar called 911 because of her heavy bleeding.

While we don’t know exactly what happened with Jessa while she was giving birth at home, it hasn’t stopped her critics from slamming her for having a “risky” homebirth even though there were warning signs ahead of time. Considering that her sister Jill Duggar had to be rushed to the hospital for an emergency C-section after her home birth didn’t go as planned back in April and how Jessa knew she would give birth to a large baby, many people think that the Duggars should have opted to give birth at a hospital instead.

Here are just a few comments from some of Jessa’s social media followers:

I have watched too many births go wrong while in a hospital, 30 feet from an OR, to ever let anyone I love try for a home birth. I don’t care how safe someone claims they are, if you need an emergency c section, you want to be as close to that OR as possible. Why risk it?!

That’s why I could never consider a home birth. What if something went wrong and the minutes spent waiting for an ambulance and getting to the hospital meant life or death for you or the baby. I would consider using a midwife, but in a hospital.

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