Dad Makes Drastic Lifestyle Change After Realizing That He’s Failing At Fatherhood

Here’s what he did

Jeremiah Peterson is one father who realized that he needed to make some drastic lifestyle changes. That’s because he felt he was failing at fatherhood.

Regardless of whether you are a gym buff, a Crossfitter or just someone with a real high metabolism, chasing after toddlers all day is never easy. Any parent will tell you that it will take about four to five cups of coffee to keep up with a highly energetic 3-year-old. Especially if he is using your living room couches as his own personal trampoline park. That, or trying to get your daughter to stop blaring the Moana soundtrack while dancing like a contestant on a bizarre competition show can really suck the life out of you.

In other words, parenting can make you feel like you are running a marathon everyday. Or make you feel very, very old.

That’s why father-of-three Jeremiah Peterson has decided to take matters into his own hands. Realizing that he can’t keep up with his kids anymore, he went on a drastic diet. He also changed certain elements of his lifestyle. His results will definitely shock you, and if not inspire you, too. Here’s why.

Jeremiah Peterson and his body are beyond recognition now.

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