Jennifer Garner Raps About Cracked Nipples Post-Childbirth In New Song

The actress visited the Ellen Show to shower new moms with love

    I seriously love me some Jennifer Garner. She’s so bubbly and sweet! And those damn dimples. But one of the biggest reasons I adore her is that she seems authentically HER. Like she doesn’t put on airs or try to maintain this glamorous movie star image to the public. She’s just herself, and she’s goofy and funny and very relatable. She’s also a mom of three, so Jennifer was the perfect person to help Ellen Degeneres during her Mother’s Day show!

    Your parental knowledge increases tenfold for every kid you have, so she’s obviously a pretty smart mom cookie.

    During the taping of the Mother’s Day show on The Ellen Degeneres Show, expectant new moms in the audience were showered with all kinds of amazing gifts. But they were also entertained by Jennifer. She told funny stories about her pregnancies and kids, and offered little bits of sage advice. But the best part of it all was when she got up and sang a little song about motherhood.

    Only Jennifer Garner and her dimples could make a song about cracked nipples sound so lovely. My song about my nipples during breastfeeding wouldn’t have been quite so upbeat.

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