Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Are ‘Spending Nights Together’ So Maybe There’s Hope?

I love these two together!!

There are some celebrities that just seem like they’re destined to be together. Even if they break up, it is hard to see the individuals with any one else because they’re supposed to be with their one true. That’s what I see when it comes to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. Yeah, I know that they’ve been broken up forever. I don’t care because they are adorable when they are together. And I’m a weird romantic with this and hope that they’re able to work through their struggles and come through happier, stronger, and well, in love.

The two celebs got married early in 2005 and were married for 12 years, They have three children together and if you’ve seen them you probably know that they’re adorable to the max. 12-year-old Violet was born first and I remember going through my pregnancy at the same time as Jennifer. Next came Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, who is now 9-years-old, and of course mini-Ben, Samuel Garner who is now 6-years-old.

The two announced their separation and then didn’t official file for divorce for what felt like forever. Rumors came out that Ben cheated on Jennifer. Then reports said he had substance abuse problems. More reports that they were getting back together… then finally the divorce.

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner
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It’s sadness. But, happens when there are a lot of things at play.

Well, they’ve been hanging out more again, according to reports, and ooooohhhhhh maybe they’re getting back together?

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