Jenelle Evans Confesses to Hiding a Big Secret From Her Oldest Son Jace

I’m a huge believer in telling kids the truth. In other words, I tell it like it is. I don’t like to sugar coat things, I don’t like to make up stories and I certainly don’t like to tell my kids the “I’ll tell you when you’re older” line. Now, I’m no parenting expert, but I figure by being honest with my children, hopefully they’ll be honest with me in return. Of course, anything can chance between now and their teen years, but I’m doing my best to stay super positive about it.

Of course, every mother and father parents their children differently. Especially Jenelle Evans of MTV’s Teen Mom fame. I mean, we’ve seen her go through her good, her bad and her downright ugly years, right? But each time this mama always pulls through somehow for her son, Jace.

But the reality television star has just confessed that she’s been keeping a huge secret from her son. It’s so big that he really has no idea what’s going on with the adults that are present in his life.

Jenelle Evans
Credit: Instagram / @j_evans1219

Should Jenelle be keeping this secret from her son Jace?

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