Jenelle Evans Sparks Pregnancy Rumors—Yes, Again

Are we getting tired of this, yet?

Another day, another OMG are they pregnant rumor to sort through. This time it has to do with the Teen Mom crew, specifically Jenelle Evans. She’s already mom to three kids and having another wouldn’t be too outside the range of possibilities.

There is no secret Jenelle’s path to motherhood has been a little challenging. She was thrust into the world of reality TV because she became pregnant and joined the MTV show 16 & Pregnant. She later gave birth to a boy, named Jace, and we she continued to be in front of the cameras, next on Teen Mom 2. And over the years we’ve seen her struggle with raising her son Jace, signing over her parenting rights to her mother, Barbara. She had been in different relationships, in different stages including boyfriend-girlfriend, fiance, and married.

And now, she’s married to her second husband, David Easton, and they welcomed Jenelle’s third child, and first girl, earlier this year. She and her mom have still been struggling, but otherwise things seem to be relatively stable for her. Her Instagram photos are full of bright smiles and fun family outings.

And cutesy images of her and the relationship with David. And one she recently posted has people thinking OMG did she just announce she’s pregnant again?

It’s not like it’s way out there for that to be an announcement — but check it out and tell us what you think.

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Devan McGuinness

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