Jenelle Evans And Her Past Is Forcing Advertisers To Dump Her

Jenelle Evans is causing trouble once again!

Teen Mom 2 star, Jennelle Evans, seems to be one of those people that no matter where she goes, trouble always follows her.

For Teen Mom fans, they know that Jenelle Evans has been doing her damn best to live a normal and clean life as much as possible. In other words, she’s trying really hard to stay away from the bad stuff and of course, focus on her family.

After all, she’s got three beautiful, healthy children and a loving husband. Sure, her relationship with her mother Barbara Evans could be a little better, but no one said life is always perfect, right?

Well, for Jenelle, she is always forced to learn from her mistakes the hard way. The girl has gotten arrested so many times in the past that we’ve seriously stopped counting. And as much as she’s trying to get people to forget about that past, it keeps creeping up on her. As a matter of fact, there’s a new report that says Jenelle’s past heroin addiction might be losing her business. Here’s what we know so far.

Jenelle Evans is losing advertisers.

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