Jenelle Evans Might Be Hiding Another Pregnancy

Here’s what we know so far.

Jenelle Evans is one Teen Mom star who has managed to keep her name in the headlines for years now. It’s safe to say that she’s definitely the breakout star of the series. That’s because she also has one of the most volatile personal lives out of all the Teen Mom girls.

I mean, we’ve all seen this woman’s track record when it comes to her arrests, her boyfriends, her marriages, her kids and even her custody battle with her mother Barbara Evans, right? At this point we’re surprised that MTV hasn’t given Jenelle Evans her own spin-off show yet. The girl could definitely carry her own series without the other Teen Moms holding her down. And we are totally serious about this, too.

And now there’s a new report that suggests Jenelle might be hiding some major news from her fans. And while some people are pretty shocked over this, others aren’t surprised at all. Still, should she be going THIS fast with her new husbamd David Eason? We know that she’s happy, but is she thinking about her future and her three kids? Here’s what we know so far.

Jenelle Evans is raising some flags after she deleted this from Instagram.

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