Jenelle Evans Makes A Shocking Confession About Her Pregnancy

But are we truly surprised?

Jenelle Evans is the bad girl of her generation of reality television stars. I mean, there aren’t a lot of people out there that would disagree with that statement, right? The Teen Mom star just can’t stop getting out of trouble!

Each time we think that she’s cleaned up her act and put her life back together, she surprises us with another eye-rolling headline.

But this time, what Jenelle Evans reportedly did is serious. Because not only does it affect her own health, but that of her children too and especially her young daughter, Ensley. As you can imagine, both her fans and her critics are absolutely furious.

At some point you have to wonder, does Jenelle have a conscious? Or is she seriously hooked to the bad stuff and going bad stuff for that matter? Either way, she is jeopardizing her family’s health, safety and future. And if she keeps this up, she might end up losing her kids all together. She’s already dealt with a long, drawn-out custody battle with her mother Barbara Evans with her son Jace. Unfortunately, it looks like she might have to deal with a future case, too. Here’s what we know.

Jenelle Evans revealed that she did this while pregnant with Ensley….

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