Jenelle Evans’ Ex Makes Some Very Strong Statements About Her on Social Media

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade, right? And we probably all know that trying to deal with a complicated love life isn’t all that easy. You fall in love with someone, but that love might not last forever. You eventually break up and fall in love with someone else again. And while you’ve managed to move on from all the heartache and messy emotions from a break up, what would you do if that ex tried to enter into your life again? Would you allow it? Walk away? Or simply keep the door closed shut?

I’m sure that’s what Jenelle Evans is probably thinking to herself right now as one of her former lovers just made some very strong statements about her on social media Just when Jenelle’s life was looking up again, she’s got this to deal with now.

Credit: MTV

Is Jenelle about to ruin her life for this guy?

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